Sunday, March 31, 2013

Hawkins DNA Group #1

I would like to share two URL's for places to find information about Hawkins DNA group #1:

Janet Shamiri has shared wonderful information about her own Hawkins line which is a match for group #1.

I have several posts about my own Hawkins line which is also Group #1 at:

On my blog, be sure to type Hawkins in the search box in the top left hand corner to narrow the posts down to those that have something to do with my Hawkins line.

Hawkins DNA blog

I hope that this blog will be a place for researchers who have interest in the Hawkins surname can chat and present thoughts about the particular line of Hawkins families that they look at.  The Hawkins mail list hosted by roots web is a wonderful mail list and has the advantage that many people read the posts and that all of the posts are archived and are fully searchable.  I personally have made contact with many people who have given me a great deal of help with my own Hawkins line through that mail list. I do not mean for the blog to replace the mail list.  Instead I mean for this blog to enhance the mail list as I can place photos and maps and illustrations on the blog that give more meaning to the mail list posts.  Rootweb mail lists can not accept photos, maps nor illustrations.

Phil Hawkins maintains a wonderful website that you do not want to miss!

This blog is not meant to replace Phil's site either.  This blog is more like Phil's more informal newsletter where you are invited to chat about ideas about your Hawkins research regardless of which DNA group you match.

Please send me anything that you would want to share with the world about your own Hawkins DNA group.  This can include your research that you would want to share.  It can include questions that you would want to ask.  I will work on this little by little for the next year.  Please be patient.  I am just like you.  I have limited time.  I have great interest, but my non-genealogical life limits what I can accomplish.  If we find that this format is not helpful, we'll try something else.

I welcome your input!  I welcome your criticism!  I welcome any editing that you can do for me!  Send me your ideas, and we'll work on them together!  Many of you are already my good buddies.  I look forward to your help in continuing the hard work that Phil has done so far.