Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Hawkins DNA group #1

I want to do a post here that is about the DNA Group #1 matches who do NOT seem to match with the Hawkins/Bourne lines.  There are two possibilities for this:  one that they descend from another of the orphans of John and Elizabeth Butler? Hawkins and two that the connection is to an earlier generation than that of John and Elizabeth.  I would like to rule out the possibility that at least one of them connects to Thomas Hawkins of Old Rappahannock County, Virginia.  This post will be a great deal of conjecture.  So if you are reading it, do NOT consider this to be facts....but just kind of talking aloud about guesses.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

DNA group #7

I have been chatting with Jeffrey about his Hawkins line.  Jeffrey and a cousin just paid for participant #303687 (who is an uncle to the two men) who  carries the surname Hawkins.  The new participant matches with group #7.  The two cousins neither one carry the Hawkins surname.  Jeffrey believes that his Hawkins family line connects to the  Benjamin Hawkins who married Martha Borden.  To help me with this, I would like to add Jeffrey's information here as well as some of the other participants who are a part of DNA group #7.

Jeffrey tells me:

 Benjamin Hawkins husband of Martha Borden of Botetourt County VA.  He lived from 1729-1778 in VA and left Martha a widow with children. Martha remarried and became Martha Harvey.  Martha Borden was from an extremely wealthy family and I assumed Benjamin Hawkins would probably be from a similar background.    You mentioned their son John Hawkins in an earlier email.  I am descended through this son.  The information I have which I am sure is correct is that John Hawkins (1766-1820) married Sarah Lauderdale (1773-1850) of Botetourt Count VA  on October 13 1793 in Botetourt and after the marriage John Hawkins and wife Sarah left VA with her Lauderdale family and settled in Tennessee. The counties I find them associated with are Sumner and Shelby. The Lauderdales were another early and prominent family.  Her father was James Maitland Lauderdale of VA and her brothers were military men.   One died in Battle of New Orleans in 1814 and another founded a military fort in Florida known as Fort Lauderdale. 

 You can see that Botetourt county in 1793 is found close to Bedford County.  

Sumner County is close to Nashville and also close to Bowling Green Kentucky.

Shelby County is the county in which one finds Memphis.

One of my best buddies on the Hawkins DNA genealogy called me after my post to the Hawkins mail list today and reminded me of a pitfall that group #7 needs to be careful about.  
There were two John Hawkins' in Botetourt County just after the Revolutionary War.  One was John who was the son of Benjamin and Martha Borden Hawkins.  This is Jeffrey's ancestor John Hawkins who married Sarah Lauderdale.  The other John Hawkins also had wife Sarah.  His wife Sarah is said to have been Sarah Johnston in the book by General John P. Hawkins.  This John Hawkins had father Philemon Hawkins married to Sarah Smith.   My buddy tells me that this John Hawkins was traveling with his brother Joseph and that they lived in Botetourt County for a while before moving on to Scott County, Kentucky.

The John Hawkins who was the son of Philemon (and is NOT related to group #7 that we know about)  was traveling with at least one Craig family and also with the ancestors of the man that I spent time with in Florida.  I will add that information later.  Another surname that would be connected to this group is Johnston.   I think of this family as being connected to the John and Mary Long Hawkins line.

You can also separate these two families by the place to where they moved:  The Borden group moved to Montgomery County, Va and Sumner County, TN.  The group who descend from Philemon move to Scott County, KY to join up with other of the John and Mary Hawkins line. 

The two separate Hawkins families lived in different Tax areas in Botetourt County.  The Borden/Hawkins line lived on Halls Bottom.  The Hawkins family that descends from Philemon and Sarah Smith Hawkins lived on Sinking Creek.  

My buddy suggests that there is a deed in Deed Book 7 pg 662-664 in Botetourt County that ties Benjamin of Sumner County, TN to the Harvey name (Martha Borden Hawkins Harvey's second husband).  Tying this line positively to this line.  

I want to add one more thought that I don't want to loose about the Hawkins line that is connected to Philemon who are living in Botetourt County.  It is that John Hawkins married to  Sarah Johnston has brother-in-law Toliver Craig, Jr.  Tolliver Craig, Jr.'s wife is said to have been Elizabeth Johnston.  This may be why this couple are traveling together to Botetourt instead of being with the Traveling Church that went to Kentucky earlier.  

Another researcher who has ties to Hawkins DNA group #7 is Sara Powell.  Sara's 4-gr-grandfather died in Sumner County, TN.  This man was Robert Hawkins married to Sarah Smith. This Robert Hawkins had second wife Frances Gillliam.  Sarah's grandfather was Thomas James Hawkins, but every other male in her line has had the name Robert since her 4-hr-grandfather   Later generations are found in Davidson County, TN and Texas.  Certainly we would expect the Robert Hawkins who died in Sumner County to connect to Benjamin and Sarah Borden Hawkins in Botetourt County, Virginia.