Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Howkins (NOT Hawkins)

Our newest member of the Hawkins Surname DNA project at this date is Alan Howkins.  We welcome both Alan and the administrator for his kit, Rick Howkins.

Here is what Rick wrote in explanation of the results of Alan's test:

Howkins is an English surname which, unlike Hawkins, is derived from the given name Hugh.  Its literal meaning is "son of Hughkyn, i.e. Little Hugh."  Howkins is mainly found in the English Midland counties of Leicestershire, Warwickshire and Northamptonshire.  Despite being a separate name from Hawkins, members of the Howkins family are often called or have had their name changed to the much more common Hawkins.  

The most prominent Howkins family was found in Brownsover (near Rugby), Warwickshire in the 17th century.  An early settler in Connecticut, Anthony Howkins (1617-1674), was likely a member of this family.  (Although Anthony wrote his name as Howkins, he is usually found in reference books or on the Internet as Anthony Hawkins.)  

Three members of the Howkins family have taken Y-DNA tests.  All three are from families originating in Northamptonshire, England.  Two (one of whom, Alan Howkins of Australia, is a member of the Hawkins DNA project: kit number 442649) tested as R-M269.  The third tested as being in a very rare subgroup of R1a (R-F2935), and is therefore unrelated to the other two.

Phil Hawkins noticed a possible relationship between Alan Howkins' results and Hawkins Family Groups 6 or 14.  However, since Alan only took the Y-12 test, it is hoped that he will upgrade to at least Y-37 test, so as to refine his placement in the project.