Friday, June 9, 2017

Autosomal DNA

I have to say that I was blown away this week by a new match on FTDNA to my own Family Finder test.  I guess that I hadn't looked in several months.  I was showing a buddy what to expect if they bought the family finder while it is on sale this week at $69.  And ....oh, my gosh,  I had a new match!  It is a new VERY close match.  The only person who matches me more closely is my MOTHER!  I was practically screaming:  Who are you?  How can someone who is that close of a match be someone that I don't know?  And the answer is that the man who is my match was adopted at birth.  He is looking for his birth parents.  And certainly his match to me tells him who his father is.  Perhaps not conclusively without some extra details about his own age, whereabouts etc....but I don't know when I have been more surprised.

The DNA is amazing!