The following overview is a GUESS!  It is absolutely not written in stone.  It is taken from my cheat sheet.  If anyone can send me additions, corrections, editing suggestions, any help of any sort, I would appreciate your help!  Send to mosesm@earthlink.net

Family Group #1

At this time we have 28 participants who match to form Family Group #1.  I am working on updating this information in this spot as we have lots of new information since I first wrote this overview.

There are  6 participants in this group who connect to the Hawkins/Bourne line (descendants from John and Elizabeth Butler? Hawkins who died circa 1715 in Richmond County, Virginia [Northern Neck] through their son, Benjamin (who married Sarah Willis)

There are 3 kits that I placed in another subgroup because they all seem to connect to Benjamin Hawkins who lived in Buncombe County, NC c1750 on land that is now a part of the Biltmore Estate.  This includes Dot's son, Inez's participant, and Janice's James who was in Buncombe County before moving to Bradley County, TN.  There is some discussion that this group may have descended from another of the orphans of John and Elizabeth Butler? Hawkins:  William.

The newest group (6 participants)  is  Joseph in McMinnville TN,  Benj who was NC to TN in 1750 who belongs to Nancy Pack,   Mike Hawkins who represents Elaine's line (kit #130445), Mike who is a new match and has e-mail cherokeehawk,  Bret Hawkins, and our newest member, Truman Hawkins who connects to Raleigh Hawkins who was a brother to Nancy Pack's John Hawkins.  I connect in my mind this group with the Warren, Cannon, Dekalb Counties in TN which includes McMinnville.  McMinn County is an entirely different area of TN.  Bret has helped me get this group in my mind and I think of them as the Short Mountain Tn group now.

There are 2 of us who are documented as having ancestors who lived in the Orange/Culpeper area of Virginia in the 1700's but the research has not connected them into earlier ancestors

1 Participant's family never left England and he lives in London

4 Participants carry either the Glass or Cullen surname and all live in an area in New Jersey which was a railway hub in the 1800s.  There seems to be a Hawkins birth incident on these family lines.


There are 2 participants that represent Julia Norton's line:  A John and Winnie Hawkins who lived in Bedford County, Virginia and then in Henry County, Kentucky.  They had a son William who is said to have died in Craig County, Virginia.  Craig County was formed out of Botetourt County c. 1850

I just double checked and I have left five participants out.  There are 28 matches in Hawkins group #1 and I only count 23 in the above.  Let me know if your participant is not represented.

I wrote a blog post that can be found at:


This post says some of this in another way.  This blog post is somewhat out of date, but does offer more information about some of these men.

Group #2

This is the family group that Sandi Vaught's Jehu (died in Edmondson County, KY) connects.

The participants in this group talk about ancestors with names Manoah/Noah and Bluford and Susannah Reynolds born in Botetourt County, Virginia.  The geographical regions that are talked about are Montgomery County and Franklin Counties, Virginia, Prebble County, Ohio.

There is also a Kirkpatrick match in this group whose paper trail shows him to have Scotch-Irish Roots with an ancestor who moved to Chester County area of South Carolina from Scotland and Ireland.  This paper trail takes the line west through TN, AR, and OK.  

Group #3

Participants use names Edward and Eleanor of York County, Va.  Isham Hawkins of Halifax County, Va.  Edward Hawkins of Lunenburgh County, Virginia who died in SC and whose descendants moved south into Ga, Missisppi, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and TX.  And Hanssel Hawkins who was a brandon of Edward and Winnie "Wells" Hawkins. Also Joshua Hawkins b. c. 1755 who married Dorothy Beam in Rowan County NC in the 1780's.  Both died in Wilkes County.

Group #4
This group is made up of  Quakers who moved into Pennsylvania aboard the Welcome with William Penn ....then to Union County, SC and then into the non-slave states of Ohio and Indiana in the first decade of the 1800's.

Group #5

John Hawkins, Mariner of New England, was probably born about 1600.  He is an ancestor of participants in this group.

Information on this ancestors of this group may be found at following link:

This group is associated with the Massachusetts Bay Company.  They immigrated to Anne Arundel County, MD and also were Quakers associated with the West River MM.  Posibly the Quaker connection is through wife Sarah Jones to Joseph Hawkins.

This group claims Davey Crocket and uses names:  John, Matthew, Nathan  they also have a Nicholas in the 1700's.  John and Mary Dowell hawkins, Joseph and Sarah Jones Hawkins of Frederick County, Va (now Shenandoah) who had daughter Sarah Hawkins Sevier.  This is the Overton County, TN Hawkins group.  Another researcher has told me that Sarah who was the mother of Sarah Hawkins Sevier had maiden name of Martin rather than Jones.

And from Joyce Williams Libes:

Group #5 also includes the descendants of Matthew Hawkins (b. 1729 Baltimore Co. MD d.1820 Culpeper Co. VA) and his 1st wife Hannah Maxwell (daughter of James Maxwell and Rachel Evins Popham). Matthew and 2 of his brothers...Benjamin and William, sons of Matthew Hawkins (b. @ 1693) and Elizabeth Roberts, left MD around 1762 and settled in the Northern Neck of VA. This connection to Group#5 was established last year by the yDNA test of our Madison Co. VA cousin, the brother of Nancy Hawkins Knighting who convinced her brother to take the test. This Matthew Hawkins of Culpepeer Co. VA has thousands of descendants. 

Likely to include family with intermarriage with Kilby and Amberge:


Group #6

This group is made up of two very different family lines.  One is from Dover, NH and Danville Vt.  The other family is what I call the Hawkins/Perry group.  They move from Orange County, Virginia to what is now Cabell County, WV in the mid 1850's...they then move to the same area of Michigan where both of these groups are found in the late 1800's.

Group #7

This group is associated with Benjamin Hawkins who married Martha Borden.  They are found in Botetourt County, Va until after the death of Benjamin.  Martha married second a man with surname Harvey.  This family is found in Montgomery County, Va and then in Sumner County, TN.

The participant who represents one of Sarah Powell's two Hawkins lines connects to this group.  Some of the other participants have shared the following:

There also seems to be a Hawkins line connected with this group that is found in Darlington County, SC with names such as Keath or Keithly and Zachariah.

Renate Sanders participant Kelly Green who connect to Philemon Hawkins and wife Delia and the fathers and sons that connect to Philemon in NC.

For other lines in this group for which I have no information stated, look at the Hawkins DNA website:

Group #8

This group is associated with the names Robert Hawkins of Hartford County MD and his wife Ann Preble.....This couple has descendent John Hawkins of Lenoir, NC.  kypacer@aol.com says that this is Stony Fork John.  This John seems to be the brother of Ephraim and Joshua who married Dorothy Beam.  Stoney Fork John started out further east in NC and then came to Wilkes County.

This group also includes Thomas and Elizabeth Farmer Hawkins of Hartford County, MD who moved to Bath County, Ky and then on to Missouri.

Group #9

The names that are associated with this family group are Benjamin and Sarah Wright Hawkins.  This Benjamin is said to be the son of William Eaton and Catherine Bolling Hawkins.  Other names are Pinkney and Pinkethman and Samuel Hugh Hawkins.  William Eaton Hawkins is said to have been the son of Joshua and Sarah Cook Hawkins.  They moved from PA to western NC and are in the records of Rutherford County, NC and Greenville County, SC.

Group #10

Thomas and Nancy Dycus Hawkins of Mecklinburg County, NC and Rutherford County NC.

Group #11

John Danick and Nancy Bills Hawkins of Marshall County, TN

Group #12 

John Williams and America Earls Hawkins of Decater County, Indiana

Group #13

Elisha and Isabelle Roberts Hawkins 1802.  Elisha was born in 1802 in Wilkes County, NC.  It is possible that he is associated with Mulberry Fields John Hawkins who owned land on the same creek as Elisha later owned.  Some of the descendants of this family stayed in Southwest VA and some moved to Pike County, Ky

Group #14

Peter Hawkins who married Prudence Thomas in Newberry, SC.

Group #15
The participants in this group,  come from two branches.  One is a Kentucky branch  and the other comes from New Brunswick, Canada.   
Two of the participants are sixth cousins, once removed.  Their common ancestor was Zadock Hawkins, Sr., who served in the American army during the Revolutionary War with his two sons William Wilmot Hawkins and Zadock Hawkins, Jr.

Zadock Hawkins, Sr., died in the war.
          See post on this blog for more information:



Group #20

This group is connected to William Hawkins, Robert Hawkins, Joseph Hawkins of Baltimore, MD in the early to mid 1700's.  At least some of the family moved to Penn for a period of time before moving on to Fairmont/Parkersburg area of what is now WV.  One participant lives in NZ and has an excellent paper trail to Great Britain.  To read about this paper trail go to:


Family Group #22

 The participants in this family group name an earliest male ancestor named Jesse Hawkins who was born in Rutherford County, NC  c.1780.  Jesse moved his family to Georgia and many of those descendants are still found there in Talbot County, today.

I will add unmatched participants as I have time.....


  1. I just submitted my raw DNA to GEDMATCH from Ancestry.com. I descend from the Hawkins (Josephine Hawkins and Elbert L. Braddy) of Glascock County, GA. Most of the Hawkins lived in Mitchell, Glascock County, GA. My kit number is A012273. My family tree is on Ancestry.com and it is public. Heidi Haines Handley

  2. My Third great grandfather was Williamson Hawkins who was born in Paris, Henry Co. (probably Chickasaw Indian land before 1820 and part of Stewart County ), Tennessee in about 1795 and died in Jackson Co., MO October 1838. His wife was Rebecca Littleton Butts of Georgia. There are all kinds of stories and rumors about his parentage but to my knowledge no concrete records. These stories include the states of Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia. He was a land and slave owner in Tennessee and Missouri and I believe that some of the slaves he had were members of his parents' "property" at the time of his birth. This family had close ties to the Butts and Stayton families (lots of marriages). Is this a Hawkins family that might be connected to any of these studies?

  3. I've been using Ancestry's App " We're Related " and a suggestion of Elizabeth Butler 1682 -1715, mother of Benjamin Hawkins 1710 - 1782, father of Sarah Hawkins 1765 - 1842, mother of Larkin Cordill / Cordell 1794, father of Nancy Ann Cordell 1804 - 1875, b: Johnston, North Carolina, d: Buncombe County, North Carolina, mother of Ridley Ann White 1830 - 1903, b: Asheville, North Carolina and died in Asheville.
    I'm interested in learning if I'm indeed related to the Hawkins Branch. GEDMatch A619114 Denise Jane Underwood Ancestry Family Tree: Underwood Ball Denny Wachowski Folger Family Tree. I was raised in foster homes / children home so all I know about my ancestors I've learned from Ancestry.
    Thank You ! Denise Underwood Furlong

  4. Joyce Williams LibesJuly 2, 2017 at 10:41 PM

    Group #5 also includes the descendants of Matthew Hawkins (b. 1729 Baltimore Co. MD d.1820 Culpeper Co. VA) and his 1st wife Hannah Maxwell (daughter of James Maxwell and Rachel Evins Popham). Matthew and 2 of his brothers...Benjamin and William, sons of Matthew Hawkins (b. @ 1693) and Elizabeth Roberts, left MD around 1762 and settled in the Northern Neck of VA. This connection to Group#5 was established last year by the yDNA test of our Madison Co. VA cousin, the brother of Nancy Hawkins Knighting who convinced her brother to take the test. This Matthew Hawkins of Culpepeer Co. VA has thousands of descendants.

  5. I first ran across Phil Hawkins' page (before DNA) in the early 90s. I had a dead end on a Hawkins-John N Hawkins born in 1826 in Gibson/Vanderburgh County, Indiana. Fast forward to now- I still do not have paper trail with his parents' names even with all the resources available to me. I did however complete my DNA test with ancestry a couple of years ago. I was too far off in generations to determine any specific matching Hawkins in any tree. Recently, I completed a test on my mother- and voila- we have come up with several matches, strongly on my mother's side. This is my theory based on DNA- John N Hawkins is a sibling to Minerva Hawkins married to Smith Montgomery from Gibson County, Indiana. I found another a Samuel Hawkins married to a Martha Montgomery. I believe Minerva's father is the brother to Samuel Hawkins. I believe John N Hawkins descend from the same person. Does anyone have Montgomery in their family with Hawkins? Does this sound plausible to anyone? I think potentially the brothers could be Samuel, Henry, Thomas, John and I know that Henry originally came out of TN before he moved to Indiana. I can be emailed at fbrody411@aol.com Thanks!

  6. Hey Marsha long time! Looks like my family group may be #5 after all. Most of my Uncle's autosomal and mine are coming back with links to Matthew Hawkins of Maryland and then on to VA. But still looking for that paper trail-as a refresher my Hawkins were Benjamin Carter Hawkins and Susan Lee. Orange and Rockingham Counties, Virginia.

  7. Yes, I remember that I was beginning to suspect that you line was not Family Group #1 when we chatted before. I still treasure the information that you shared with me! These early Virginia Hawkins lines are VERY hard to sort out!