Monday, February 15, 2016

Hawkins DNA Newsletter

For ten years (2003-2013) Phil Hawkins published on the internet a Newsletter for our Hawkins DNA group.  I found myself wanting to share an article that I wrote for the Newsletter with someone with whom I was chatting.  But looking at the list was a bit overwhelming.  I have no clue which year I wrote it.  So this blog post is a place to put titles with a link so that we can link to various articles that may be of interest to anyone. Below is my list of some of the articles written about FG#1.  If you have a few minutes, read some of the articles and send me the name of the article and the link to the newsletter in which it is found.

FG #1 articles in Hawkins DNA Newsletter:

Gene Hawkins and Marsha Hawkins Moses with mini reunion at the Golden Lamb in Lebanon Ohio

Glass and Cullen surnames that match with our FG#1

Hawkins in Bedford County, Virginia