Monday, August 15, 2016

Family Group #1

Kathy King and I have chatted several times about her Hawkins line.  She and her dad both did Family Finder testing through FTDNA and joined out Hawkins DNA project as a result of that testing.  She is actively looking for a participant who will represent her Hawkins family.  We expect the results to connect to Family Group #1.  Here is some information about the connections that might help a potential participant know if he might be a candidate for Kathy's DNA participant:

[I am adding this in October 2016.  Byron Meads  represented Truman Glenn Hawkins who is Byron's father-in-law.  Truman Glenn's results came back a clear match to FG#1.  So Kathy and her father now know that indeed their Hawkins line is connected to the lines of the other Hawkins FG#1 participants. The Paper trail for Truman Glenn Hawkins connects him directly with Raleigh Hawkins]

The below is from Kathy:   I am looking for a direct male descendant of Raleigh Hawkins to yDNA test. 

Benjamin Hawkins was born in Virginia, maybe Pittsylvania County, now Henry County around 1756. Henry County, Virginia was created from Pittsylvania County in 1776. Some records have him confused with being born in North Carolina. Many online records have him incorrectly listed as the son of John Hawkins and Mary Wyatt Hawkins, from the Philemon Hawkins line from England. I believe from DNA testing and associated lines, my Benjamin Hawkins is in Hawkins #1, where as the Philemon line is in Hawkins #7. I am from his youngest son Raleigh Hawkins. 

Benjamin Hawkins and Mary “Molly” Taylor were married in Henry County, Virginia Oct 1, 1778. They had 6 male and 4 female children. These children filed a case in Chancery Court in McMinn County, TN after the death of Benjamin. 

(I have numbered the children below) 

3 May1831, Cause heard in Chancery Court. (1) James, (2) Benjamin, (3) William, (4) John, (5) Joseph, (6) Rolla, and (7)Polly Hawkins Daniel Newman and wife (8) Sally, formerly Hawkins, John Campbell and wife (9) Blanche late Hawkins, Greenville, William, Nancy and Polly Templeton, children of John Templeton, and wife (10) Nancy late Hawkins are complainants and heirs of Ben Hawkins, dec'd. Respondent is George McInturff. Grant issued to the heirs of Ben Hawkins for land in McMinn. Co., TN.

Land Dispute Case

Peter Mostellervs. C. Lafayette and IR. Rice and others Filed 16 July 1860:
File contains copy of will of Benjamin Hawkins and original deed 1843, A.R. Turk to Emanuel Haney and Adolphus P. McClatchey. Will of Benjamin Hawkins, 28 Dec., 1827; all estate to wife Mary and daughter Polly during their lifetime; wife to choose with whom she and Polly to live and that child to have half of all property; other half to be divided among all lawful children; to granddaughter Nancy Templeton, one bed and clothes, exec: sons James and Benjamin; witnesses, John Walker and Levin L. Ball File also contains original deed 1857 Adolphus P. McClatchey to Frank McKenzie, registered in Book L., page 458. In 1858 I.R. Rice of McMinn Co., but now of Ark. Mosteller of N.C. bought land on Spring Creek from the Rices who gave title bond and now he finds they did not have clear title to land which was conveyed by James Hawkins to William McKenzie and by him to the Rices. Land original belonged to Benjamin Hawkins who died in McMinn Co., 1827. Hawkins' widow Mary married a second time to old man Dodson, moved from the land to Eastanalle Creek, and she and daughter Polly have long since died. There remains the following children of Ben Hawkins: Benjamin, James, Joseph, Raliehg, John, William, and Sally afterwards Sally Newman, now ded'd leaving children. These heirs are all scattered over the western country. The land is Hawkins Mill Place. Mosteller is willing to pay if title is cleared. Rices say that James Hawkins had possession of the place for more than 20 years. Witnesss L.L. Ball age 66 (1860) deposes that the land originally belonged to George MicInturff; that daughter Polly was of unsound mind; that one of Ben Hawkins' daughters married John B. Campbell and the other married Daniel Newman; that Ben Hawkins had 6 sons, Ben who lived in Polk Co., and died there a few years ago leaving children, Joseph and William who went West, John and Raliegh who went to Alabama and James, that Daniel Newman died in McMinn Co., a few years ago and Mrs. Newman and the children went West; that most of the children had left when father died; that son James moved to near Columbus on Hiwassee River where he remained until he moved to Ark; that James never claimed to have full possession of land before he sold to McKenzie.

If there were other living children, they would have been named in this suit. Of all of the children,  I have only been able to find Raleigh who lives past 1870 to list both of his parents as being born in Virginia. I am not familiar enough with the other children at this time to know for sure if they live long enough to state on a Census where their parents were born. 

My direct ancestor is Raleigh Hawkins father of Nancy Hawkins Frost. It is believed that Raleigh was married to a Mary Graves (not documented, just family tales. There is a Graves family living in McMinn County, TN during the early 1800’s) before marrying Henrietta Beene. Raleigh is shown living in Dekalb County, Alabama as a widow as there is no adult female on the Census with him. On Henrietta Beene’s tombstone she is listed as being born in 1810 which would make her around 30 on the 1840 Census. I am not able to find Raleigh Hawkins as a head of household on a 1830 Census. 

Breakdown of 1840 Census R Hawkins, DeKalb County, Alabama


30 - 39 1 Raleigh
5-9 2 William C, John J
Under 5 1 James T


15-19 Perhaps a mistake and really Henrietta
10-14 2 Nancy (marries Henry Frost Aug 3, 1843 in Dekalb County), Mary
Under 5 1 Martha L. 

My ancestor is Nancy Hawkins who married Henry Frost in Dekalb County, Alabama Aug 3, 1843. They have 5 males and 3 females. They name their first born son Raleigh Cecil. I am from their youngest son John Jackson. 

My father and I have DNA tests on Ancestry and FTDNA, listed as William Dewey Frost and Katherine Frost respectively. 

 If any of this looks familiar to you and you have ideas for a potential participant, please get in touch with me via this blog site of contact Kathy directly:

Kathy King