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I copied Millie's "book" several years ago at KYOWVA in Huntington, WV.  The book is available through the LDS FHL on fiche #6087967.  It is a mish mash of misc information about many different Hawkins families.  I have found a few things that do not seem to be true.  In her book, Millie says that Matilda Hawkins and David Smith were married 6 Oct 1842 in  Kentucky.  I have not proved this to be false, but it is very confusing and I have done a lot of research on Thomas and Matilda's family.

You must take Millie's information as clues to look for information that might be helpful in you own research not as documentation for your own research.  I will add comments from all of you who read this if you will send your comments to:

I particularly want comments in which a DNA group makes claim to a fact that is enumerated and documents where to find it for those who will read this in the future.  

I had a little trouble deciding which size to make the pages.  I chose the largest as it is easier to read.  However, you may need to use your mouse/trackpad to move it to the left to see the entire page.  If you have trouble, let me know and I'll try to work on a better way.

Frank Hawkins downloaded the pages and fixed the order on a few pages and turned it into a PDF.  He has sent me a link to access this PDF and I have put it on my Dropbox.  I can send you a link if you prefer to look at this as a PDF or if you wish to download it to your own computer. However, in 2017 I tried to send it to Erin Colby and the file was too large to send via e-mail....we are still working on trying to look at it in drop box. 

In the above page, I would point out that I do not believe that Matilda, daughter of Thomas R. Hawkins and Matilda Pinkard Hawkins married David Smith in Kentucky 6 Oct 1842. It is not impossible.  Thomas and Matilda's children for whom I have birth dates were born between 1826 to 1834.  I will look for a marriage record in Kentucky for this couple to see if there is more information.

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