Saturday, January 17, 2015

Family Group #15

The following comes from Ron Hawkins whose DNA results connect him with Family Group #15.  If you have questions or comments, Ron can be reached at:

Our Hawkins line starts off in England with Robert and Mary (perhaps Marie) leaving there in April of 1635 aboard the Elizabeth and Ann and arrives in Charlestown, Massachusetts in the month of May.

Robert and Mary had three sons, Joseph, Zachariah and Eleazer. The branch of Zachariah settled around Long Island and the branch Joseph settled in and around Derby, Connecticut. Not much of the line of Eleazer is known. Rumors on the internet say he may have ventured to the south somewhere, or perhaps may have died before starting any family at all. I am almost certain that Robert and Mary may have had some daughters, but I have not come across and records indicating that they had any. Alot of my information has been found in the Allen County Library in Ft. Wayne, Indiana, where vast amounts of books are on shelves and numerous records on microfiche.

After the Revolutionary War our branch of the family migrated to the Cincinnati, Ohio area, later to Covington, Kentucky for awhile before they again migrated to the southern part of Indiana where they spent sometime before migrating north in Indiana just south of Wabash where they stayed for sometime. One of our ancestors in that area made his wealth as a teamster of oxen and yoke.

In our family history it talks the mansion that he built and in Somerset, Indiana. One winter during deer hunting season in Indiana, with nothing to do I decided to try and locate this so called mansion. Just before arriving in Somerset I passed a cemetery located north of Somerset and decided to stop in there for a look around after finding or trying to locate that mansion.

In the town of Somerset there were just a handful of houses and filling station and the local post office. I inquired at the filling station as to where Somerset actually was and told them I was doing genealogy work on my family. They explained to me that what I see now is actually the town of the new Somerset, the old town lies underwater as the Army Corps of Engineers years ago made a reservoir which hides the old town during the summer months. I left there and headed down to the water and to my amazement the water level was down and I was able to walk from where I parked and onto the river bottom eventually finding the foundations of buildings from the original Somerset. After spending sometime looking around I continued on my main objective to find that mansion.

As I said earlier the time frame was deer hunting season in Indiana and I came across two hunters and decided to stop and ask them if they possibly heard of the mansion that was built and owned by a Hawkins family. One of the men pointed and said do you see that brick house across the fields? That is it.

After stopping there and taking a couple of photographs I left and went back to that cemetery north of Somerset. When arriving there I noticed that this cemetery was made up of several small cemeteries and later discovered that when the reservoir was constructed they had to remove and re-interment the remains of those people to higher ground because the water of the reservoir would have covered them where they originally were laid to rest. In that new cemetery I found many of my distant relatives. Part of my line once again moved on and settled in Culver, Indiana also known as Lake Maxinkuckee. This is where my 4th great grandparents, Zadock and Jane (Cooper)  Hawkins are laid to rest, on the southeast corner of Lake Maxinkuckee and my 3rd great grandparents William and Telitha (Owens) Hawkins are buried about 10 miles from them just across the county line in another small cemetery.

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