Friday, January 6, 2017

Hawkins in Rutherford County, NC

I received an e-mail from a researcher with following query:

Lucinda Hawkins was born in 1820 and died in 1900. She married Daniel Dobbins in 1841 Rutherford Co. NC. Bondsman was Daniel Hawkins and witness was Drury Dobbins. They are on the 1860 census for Cleveland Co. She appears on the 1900 census but is living with her daughter and son-in-law. Lucinda and Daniel were both members of Sandy Run Baptist Church. Daniel is buried at Sandy Run Cemetery but Lucinda is buried in the Hawkins cemetery (???).

In my research some say she is the daughter of Samuel Hawkins and Jane Webb. In Samuel’s Will he lists his children but Lucinda is not in the Will. On Find A Grave she is listed as his daughter.  Some researchers say she is the daughter of Edward Hawkins and Mary Rollins. I am not sure of the dates. Edward and Mary are the parents of Samuel Hawkins. Daniel and Lucinda were discharged from Sandy Run Baptist Church because of owing money. I don’t think Samuel would disown her and leave her out of his Will.

I am trying to figure out who her parents were.


I was of little help as I do not recognize the family. But I sent Rachel a few clues that I gathered as best I could.  Here are the thoughts in case you have ideas for Rachel or in case a clue is helpful for you:

Rachel, I do not know this family.  I looked around to see if i could find anything and did find one article that is attached.  let me know that you are able to read it. 

(the article did not copy here, but i can send it to you if you ask me for article of Hawkins in Rutherford County)

I see a clue that perhaps links Hawkins children to a mother who has remarried in  Lunenburg County, Virginia and moves to Rutherford County with a new name.

I did dig up one more misc item.  DNA family group #14 is a very small family group.  Peter Hawkins is the name of the earliest ancestor of one participant belonging to this group.  Peter is said to have moved to Newberry County from Lunenburg County, Virginia before the Revolutionary War.

Also when you go to the overview in the Hawkins DNA blog, a search for Lunenburg brings up:

Group #3

Participants use names Edward and Eleanor of York County, Va.  Isham Hawkins of Halifax County, Va.  Edward Hawkins of Lunenburgh County, Virginia who died in SC and whose descendants moved south into Ga, Missisppi, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and TX.  And Hanssel Hawkins who was a brandon of Edward and Winnie "Wells" Hawkins. Also Joshua Hawkins b. c. 1755 who married Dorothy Beam in Rowan County NC in the 1780's.  Both died in Wilkes County.

Sorry…no more ideas….Group  #3 means DNA group #3….go to the website for trees for participants in these family groups:


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