Monday, June 29, 2015

Hawkins in Ireland

Jill Unwin's  Family Finder has come back with some Hawkins matches, but it is unclear at this time how the matches connect.  We do not know which DNA Group this Hawkins line is connected to as Jill's "Hawkins" connections are on a female side and so there is no one to do yDNA testing.  Here is some of Jill's information:

My father's Haplogroup is U.
I have my Autosomal DNA on FTDNA, kit number B60793 and on GEDMatch A015825.

My closest Hawkins ancestor is my father's great grandmother Frances Maria Hawkins who lived for some of her life in Mount Pleasant Avenue, Ranelagh (close to the house where my father lived as a boy). 

According to census records she had been born in 1828, Wexford, probably at  Ballycoursey, Enniscorthy the seat of the Hawkins family. 

At the time of her marriage to Ralph Robert Thornbury (in Dublin, 1846) Frances was a 'minor' and her father was given as Anthony (a Gentleman).  The couple had at least twelve children including my father's grandmother Jessie Marion Thornbury. Another  child, eldest son Dr Anthony William Thornbury Hawkins (born 1847 Pleasants Street) drowned in a boating incident in Australia at the age of 22.

Around the time of Frances's death in 1901 an article was placed in the Irish Times regarding her missing Will (dated 6 Aug 1891). It mentioned her properties consisting of an annuity arising from houses in Pleasants Street and rents from other property in Wexford. One relative cited was living at an unknown address in America. I have been unable to ascertain any other names associated with the Will (which I understand no longer exists).

Frances's grandfather (?) Sir Anthony Hawkins (an attorney) , was most likely born in Enniscorthy Castle, Wexford in 1775. 

Sir Anthony Hawkins married Anne Hagarty in 1807. They had at least three children (Anne, William and possibly Frances).
In 1798 the Hawkins families were heavily involved in the Vinegar Hill battles and suffered many losses, so I assume  that orphaned, surviving nephews and nieces may well have been reared by other family members.

Anthony also had several addresses in Dublin, including Camden Street, Henrietta Street, Hume Street. According to the General  Armoury,  he was granted arms at around the time of his marriage. 
Anthony had a nephew (probably William's son) Anthony John Hawkins (of Leopardstown and of London) who was married to Sarah Maguire or McGinn. Anthony John Hawkins also had a mistress (surname Browne) with whom he had three children and who after the death of Sarah his wife, Anthony brought up as his own. There is a marriage record for a Mary Browne and John Hawkins in 1850, St Mary's Enniscorthy. I also think he may have married Leticia Margaret Clarke.

As I have been unable to find a baptism record for my great x 2 grandmother, Frances Maria Hawkins, I am unsure whether her father is Anthony (b 1775 - 1867)), or Anthony John Hawkins (b 1807 - 1866). Anthony (Gentleman) is definitely given on her marriage record though. 
It seems most likely to me that Sir Anthony H is the son of John Hawkins (born 1748 - 1824) a tenant farmer in Mungoduff, Wicklow and his wife Elizabeth Emelia Bacon. 
Also that this John, was the son of John of  Brusseltown (1725) and Elizabeth Codd (Code) of Anghold. Some family emigrated to Ontario and to the USA. 
My best guess from here backwards is that bearing in mind the Hawkins were given vast lands, John, of Brusseltown may well have been a grandson of William ( Ulster King of Arms) and Elizabeth Mutlow. Still working on this theory though!

According to family lore, which does in my forty years of research look increasingly likely to hold water, our line goes back to Admiral Sir John Hawkins. It also includes countless notable names including author Anthony Hope Hawkins. Still with so many unsolved answers I'm hopeful that DNA will prove or deny these claims.

So ... to sum up, I think my line is likely to be:

Frances Maria 1846 +Thornbury. Anthony 1775 +Hagarty or Anthony John 1807 +Bacon.  John 1725 +Codd.  


  1. I have been searching for many years for the parents of my great great great grandmother Charlotte Hawkins b. 1789 in County Wicklow. Family legend has it that Charlotte was the daughter of a landowner. She fell in love with the estate's gamekeeper George Lee. As this relationship was not approved she was disowned by her family. She and George moved to Dublin where they raised a family of 8. About 1841 the entire family including adult children, packed up and moved to Ontario Canada. I have long been looking for a Hawkins family who were landowners sufficient to have required a gameskeeper. I stumbled across Jill Unwin's family tree today and wondered if this might be the right family. There is no mention of a Charlotte though. I wondered about Rodger Hawkins 1754-1824. Does anyone have more information about him? Or has anyone stumbled across a birth record for a Charlotte Hawkins?

    1. You might try I found extensive research on my Hawkins great++ grandparents(Thomas, Thomas, Roger Thomas) going back to Ugborough, Devon, UK, from which the Roger branch seemed to be established before heading to Ireland and then to Beckwith Twp, in southeastern Canada.

  2. Also Jill, I looked for your kit #A015825 on Gedmatch but it doesn't show up for me. My Gedmatch Kit # is T958961 Patricia Lee.

  3. Also Jill, I looked for your kit #A015825 on Gedmatch but it doesn't show up for me. My Gedmatch Kit # is T958961 Patricia Lee.

  4. Pat, contact me directly at and I'll give you Jill's e-mail address....I am sure she wouldn't mind. marsha

  5. Hello Marsha ... thanks for passing my email to Pat ... we are now in touch and established a DNA match for her with my late father. My Gedmatch kit number has changed and is now A021058, my sister A336409 and father T952524.
    On FTDNA mine is B116205 and father B66161 and family finder 430489.

  6. My family is descended from Anthony's sister Sarah who married Matthew Hagarty abt 1806.
    Their youngest son was an Anthony.

    Most of their children emigrated to Upper Canada now Ontario.
    One- Henry to Pennsylvania.
    I believe Fedelia stayed behind and married Anthony Corley MD from Dublin.
    I cannot place Anthony.

    I am descended from another son Sir John Hawkins Hagarty 1816-1900 he is my gg grandfather.

    I don't need a DNA test, we pass the Hawkins nose test, if you google image my gggrandparent, or his grand daughter the painter Clara S Hagarty you'll see.
    My Father William Biscoe Hagarty is also blessed.

  7. Very funny about the nose test!