Monday, May 20, 2013

Hawkins DNA Group #1 and Railroad connections

I am chatting with another researcher this morning who has helped me edit some of my posts.  I found myself making a statement that is based on a hunch---absolutely no proof!  just one of those crazy gut feelings that will probably turn out to be NOTHING!  But I think that I will say it here and see if anyone can prove or disprove the thought.  I think perhaps the Cullen and Glass DNA matches and I may have touched on the idea at one time because I vaguely remember knowing that the part of New Jersey that they are both associated with was at one time a railroad center.  I'll try to look that up and put a map or photo or some such thing here ....

But I have a hunch that the Hawkins male(s) who was/were the ancestor(s) of these men had a railroad connection.  Hawkins DNA group #1 has an unusually close connection to jobs on the Railroad.  I realize that in the late 1800's Railroad jobs were the hot jobs much as technology jobs would be in today.

In my own Hawkins family, three brothers ALL left Orange/Lousia County, Virginia for Railway jobs in the late 1800's.  Two came to Huntington, WV and the other went to Georgia>Missippi>Arkansas>Kansas with railroad jobs.

I would like to add the other Railroad jobs idea to #1 help remind me of the stories you have told me!

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  1. My name is Franklin Lee Hawkins, My great distant grandfathers are Sir John Hawkins and Sir Richard Hawkins of Plymouth, England. My great grandfather 6 or 7 times back was Philemon Hawkins, he was a large plantation owner in Virginia. From my research I have found that the Hawkins were very involved with the rail roads and set on the boards of companies as presidents and stock holders. One of the companies was the Raleigh & Gaston Rail Road, they also owned a lot of the land that the rail roads were laid on.