Monday, May 20, 2013

Hawkins DNA Group #1 and Railroad connections

I am chatting with another researcher this morning who has helped me edit some of my posts.  I found myself making a statement that is based on a hunch---absolutely no proof!  just one of those crazy gut feelings that will probably turn out to be NOTHING!  But I think that I will say it here and see if anyone can prove or disprove the thought.  I think perhaps the Cullen and Glass DNA matches and I may have touched on the idea at one time because I vaguely remember knowing that the part of New Jersey that they are both associated with was at one time a railroad center.  I'll try to look that up and put a map or photo or some such thing here ....

But I have a hunch that the Hawkins male(s) who was/were the ancestor(s) of these men had a railroad connection.  Hawkins DNA group #1 has an unusually close connection to jobs on the Railroad.  I realize that in the late 1800's Railroad jobs were the hot jobs much as technology jobs would be in today.

In my own Hawkins family, three brothers ALL left Orange/Lousia County, Virginia for Railway jobs in the late 1800's.  Two came to Huntington, WV and the other went to Georgia>Missippi>Arkansas>Kansas with railroad jobs.

I would like to add the other Railroad jobs idea to #1 help remind me of the stories you have told me!

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