Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Hawkins DNA group #1

Our Hawkins DNA family group #1 has 20 participants who match.  All but four of the men carry the surname Hawkins.

Kit #25399 had Hawkins family that never left the British Isles.  This participant still lives in London

Kit #8356 belongs to my dad whose line lived in Orange County, Virginia until the late 1800's when brothers moved west to take Railroad jobs.  Orange County is located with marker below A:

 Kit #130445 has proven connection to Orange County, Virginia before the family moved to Madison County, Kentucky after the Revolution.  After living in Madison County for long enough to leave records, the family moved to the area around White and Warren County, TN where the participant still lives.

Kits #9933, 18007, 77663, 34714, ...... believe that they descend from Benjamin and Sarah Willis Hawkins.  This family line was living in Orange/Culpeper county area of Virginia before many of them moved to Kentucky just after the Revolutionary War.   See Janet Shamiri's blog for more information about this line:


Kits #76532 and #68105 both believe that they descend from Benjamin and Hannah Hawkins who lived on land that is now part of the Biltmore Estate in the mountains of NC.  There is suspicion of ties to Campbell County, Virginia and then back to the Northern Neck of Virginia.  It is possible that this group connects to William Hawkins who was the orphan of John and Elizabeth (Butler?) Hawkins who both died in Richmond County, Virginia c. 1716 and the brother of Benjamin who is ancestor of the four kits above.

For good maps of the Northern Neck go to:


The above two kits are very close matches to kit #46919 and 59402.  Kit #46919 descends from Joseph Hawkins (1801-1867) who is associated with McMinnville TN.  Kit 59402 is associated with a Benj Hawkins b. 1750 in NC and died in 1826 in TN.  This Benjamin Hawkins married Molly Taylor.

Kit #46458 would seem to fit into a subgroup with these four participants.  This participant has ties to a James Hawkins found in Buncombe County, NC (same as Kit #46919 and 59402).  This James Hawkins moves to Bradley County, TN by 1840.  Bradley County is shown in Red on below map.....perhaps it is a coincidence that he is living so close to Kit #46919's ancestor?

Kit #11301 and kit #92567is associated with John  (1754-1821) and Winnie Hawkins.  John died  in Henry County, Kentucky in 1821.  Below map shows location of Henry County in red:

We have four participants who do not share Hawkins surname.  Three have surname Cullen and one has surname Glass.  There is an article that has partial explanation of the connection of the Cullen and Glass surnames in an article that I wrote in 2011 in the Hawkins Newsletter that can be read at:

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