Friday, February 13, 2015

Family Group #5

One of the newest participants in Family group #5 is a brother to Nancy Knighting.  Craig Kilby had sent me a synopsis of the family group that this participant represents which is of particular interest to me as I try to sort out the various Hawkins lines in the Culpeper/Orange County area of Virginia in the 1700's and 1800's.  Here is what Craig sent me when this participant first tested:

.....this participant will be representing descendants of Matthew Hawkins through his grandson Augustine Hawkins.  Matthew Hawkins is our brick wall. He was born ca 1740 and lived a long life, dying in Culpeper County, Virginia in 1820. He may have been a Quaker from Maryland but we really do not know that. His wife Hannah Maxwell did come from Quaker stock. 

We have presumed that his brother was the Benjamin Hawkins who died in Culpeper in 1793. The reason for this are the proximity of their homes and interrelationships between the families. There may have been a third brother, William, who is briefly in this same area before going to parts unknown. All of their earliest records are in the 1760s in Culpeper County. Before that we do not have anything firm. ....

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  1. Matthew and two of his brothers left Maryland and came to the Culpeper County Virginia area which was part of Orange Co.then. He married first wife Hannah Maxwell, daughter of tailor Wm.Maxwell and Rachel Evins/Evans/etc. Popham who was a widow when marrying Maxwell. She is described in some records showing land she owned or inherited as the nearest heir and relative of Thomas Stonehouse. I'd sure like to know what her relationship to Stonehouse was!