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Deeds on both sides of the Rapidan River in Virginia

Many of us who are part of Hawkins DNA group #1 expect to connect back to the Culpeper/Orange County area in the early to mid 1700s.  We have been chatting about how to sort out the various Williams, Johns, and Benjamins.  And I think that all agree that deeds can be helpful.  So I propose that we begin to type in the deeds for both Culpeper and Orange County as one county is north of the Rapidan and the other county is south of the Rapidan.  A likely place to settle if you are moving up the Rappahannock River from Richmond County into new neighborhoods.

1764  [this abstraction is taken from: Culpeper County, Virginia Deeds Volume Three       1762-1765 abstracted and Compiled by John Frederick Dorman
Culpeper pages 557-62.  10 Oct. 1764.  William Hawkins and Elizabeth his wife of Brumfield Parish, Culpeper County, to Martain Nalle and William Duncan, gent, Church Wardens of Brumfield Parish.  For 130 pounds of current money.  355 acres for a Glebe for the parish for the use and benefit of the incumbent of the parish and his successors....on Devil's Run being a part of 785 acres granted to Frances Thornton, Gent., of Caroline County by deed from the Proprietor's Office 23 Jan 1747 [1748] and by Thornton sold to William Buckner, gent, and by Buckner sold to William Hawkins....on the road to Devil's Run at the bridge, a corner to James Sims.....up the road....corner to James Sims in Doctor Thomas Houison's line....corner to James Johnson and Samuel Coleman....corner to Thomas Kennerlei's deed on a branch side....

                                                                  William Hawkins
                                                                   Elizabeth (X) Hawkins
Wit: Thomas Covington, John Sanders, James McDonald, Richard Parks.
18 Oct 1764.  Acknowledged by William, Elizabeth was first privily examined where was this land on which William and Elizabeth Hawkins lived?  [interesting enough Martain Nalle lived on Devil's Run when he died in 1788 according to FindaGrave]  Here are two maps that help locate this waterway:

And here is a modern map

And who is this William Hawkins living in Culpeper in 1764?  Did he later move down into Orange County and have the will (wife Elizabeth):

This is an abstract of the will of William Hawkins of the County of Orange and Parish of Sat. Thomas, being weak in body, dated 20 Jan. 1776.

Unto my son John Hawkins two cows and calves whenever he leaves of overseeing and goes to house keeping.
To my beloved wife Elizabeth Hawkins all the residue of my estate during her natural life and after her decease to be divided as follows:
Unto my son William Hawkins twenty shillings sterling if he should be living at the time of my decease and if dead to descend to my son John Hawkins.
Unto my son Benjamin Hawkins one shilling current money.
Unto my son John Hawkins all the rest of my estate. 
My beloved wife Elizabeth Hawkins executrix and my son John Hawkins executor.  William Hawkins
Wit: Uriel Mallory, Wm Strother, Thomas Brown

Proved 24 Oct 1776

Or is he an entirely different William Hawkins?

The next deeds are my own transcriptions.  I sat in the Orange County courthouse years ago.  At the end of the day, I remember thinking that the people who did transcriptions of records do not charge enough for their books....I would need huge amounts of money to do that job every day.

May 28, 1767
A portion of land owned by John Spotswood was seized at his death for repayment of debts.  Guardians of John's son, Alexander, are selling the seized land for best possible price.  Benjamin Hawkins is buying part of the said estate land.
Description:  Lying in County of Orange and bounded as follows:  Beginning at a gum and poplar white oak stumps on the Rapidan River corner to Mrs. Willis thence with her lines south sixty one degrees East One Hundred and Ten Poles to a locust thence with thirty six degrees East Forty Eight poles is a locust.  Thence South Sixty two degrees east thirty eight poles to a red oak thence North fifty nine degrees East seventy two pols to ????Thence south Fifty two corner of said Willis and Waugh....thence up that branch with Francis Moore.

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