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Family Group #3

Patty Martin shared a breakthrough on her family line.  Her line connects to Family Group #3.  Her cousin did the yDNA testing that shows their connection to family group #3.  It is kit #371386.   Below is information that Patty shared with me about her family.  However, the new breakthrough is actually via an autosomal test that Patty took through Ancestry:

The DNA test matches I got pretty recently were actually a match with my own test from several years ago on Ancestry.

One match is with a participant who descends from a brother, Michael Hawkins,  of my ggg grandfather David Hawkins of McMinn Co. Tn.  Both brothers were sons of Joseph Hawkins, McMinn Co. Tn. This match descends from Julius J. Hawkins who married Elizabeth Jane Brown.  They married in Murray Co. Ga. in 1875, but moved on to Texas about 1880 where they remained.

Originally I had found David Hawkins living next door to Joseph Hawkins in the census of 1830 McMinn, Tn....My David was the right age to be Joseph's son. David moved from McMinn county before 1836 to Union County Ga. as he is in Union County in the 1840 census with his family. Records from Union County show he was one of several commissioners, active in forming Union as a new county from the time the Indians were run out. At the time, commissioners were the decision makers.  He lived in the Blairsville area.  

The other DNA match to me was with a descendant of Joseph Hawkins sister, Ann Hawkins McKenny. The tree information from the person who matches, says this Joseph Hawkins was the one who married Susannah Williams.

Below is the information that Patty shared about her Hawkins family:

Our 2nd great grandfather is Washington J. Hawkins. I have family pictures, and know his grave site in Cullman County, Alabama,  Arkadelphia Baptist Church cemetery.  He and his wife Rebecca L.Payne Hawkins lived there from about 1870 until their deaths. He died Feb, 1914. Before 1870, He lived in Cherokee Co. Alabama for a time, and his wife was from there.   He was born about 1834 in Ga and I find him in the Georgia census for Murray Co. age 16  a son of David Hawkins and Margaret--- ?.  I have found no concrete info other than that. I find no info on her.  I do believe however that David (born abt 1804) may possibly be the son of Joseph Hawkins and Susannah Williams, who were from McMinn Co. Tn.  In the census records there is a David Hawkins living next to a Joseph in McMinn Co. 1830 and David's children show the correct amt. of children who's ages match. There are Pack families  also in this census, living nearby.

If this is the one, then I found some info on David's sister, Artilissie, who married a Thomas Pack. Other trees show she had a brother David, and Joseph and Susannah the parents. One tree gave note that some of the Pack family had family records suggesting some of the these Hawkins and Packs moved into Georgia "after the Indians were run out"..I was hoping someone related to them has done the test and we could confirm a match. ... I find little info on David, whom I believe died around 1870 or after in Walker Co. Ga (after Walker was formed from Murray Co.) I have found a few land records online, and the last census, I believe 1870 he was living with his son Marion Hawkins there.....

Washington Hawkins applied for a Confederate pension in Alabama which shows his birth as June 5, 1836 in Union County, Georgia. He served as private, 154th Tn. Senior  Regiment of the Infantry, under Capt. Charles D. Cooney, Company F.  He enlisted in Randolph, Tennessee  on May 14, 1861.  He is described as 5 ft. 8 inches,  with dark hair, dark complexion, and blue eyes.

In the census of 1900, and 1910 Washington stated his father was born in Tennessee and his mother in Ga.  The McMinnville Tn. census 1820 has a David Hawkins with one dau. and wife.  living next to Joseph Hawkins and Jeremiah Pack and the Stansbury families.  I am curious as to how this Joseph and David are related. [Remember that this question has been answered]

   I am missing the census of 1860 for Washington, and I haven't been able to find it.  I found a W.J. Hawkins in Texas, but don't think its him. As for David Hawkins, he is found 1860 in Walker Co. Ga. and living with his eldest son, Frances Marion Hawkins, older brother of Washington.

Patty shared a link to Find a grave that has information about her Washington Jones Hawkins and some of his family:

And another discovery was found in a deed:

I have had one important discovery that confirmed my findings regarding my ancestor David Hawkins. Just this week,  I found a record in McMinn Co. Tn. where he sold land.  Date is Oct. 27, 1838, and reads: "David Hawkins of Union County, Georgia,  to John Torbert, place where Thomas Polk now lives, line between Jeremiah Polk and said Hawkins." 
Previously I was not certain that my David was the one from McMinn Co.  I only knew he was born in Tn.
David's son, Washington Hawkins, is my gg grandfather and in his confederate pension application, he stated he was born in Union County, Ga. on June 5, 1836
David is found in the 1840 census of Union County, Georgia.
David is found in the 1850 census of Murray County, Georgia, and son, Washington is 14 years old.  I have a lot of information on the other children of David Hawkins and their families.
I am confident now, that this David Hawkins of Union Co. Ga. is indeed the one from McMinn Co. and further that he is the son of Joseph Hawkins and Susannah Williams of McMinn Co. The parents, and his sisters and one brother, Michael, all lived in the area at least in the beginning.  One of David's sisters, Mary, married Adam Burger.  Another Sister, Artilissie, married Thomas Pack.  Also the Stansbury families in the area are related by marriage through 2 of Artilissie's daughters, who married Stansbury's.

I have found so many trees that mistakenly show a David Hawkins and wife Margaret Alley as the same ones-  but this is not right...this David Hawkins was in Missouri by 1850, and his children are not the same children as in my line.

If you have information to share with Patty or questions, you may reach her via e-mail:

The photo below is Washington J. Hawkins.  He is Patty's 2-gr-grandfather who died in Cullen County, Alabama in 1914.


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