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Family Group #1

This blog post is about the subgroups of Family Group #1.  I still have some confusion in my mind about a few of the connections of our participants, so please if you see mistakes or have additional thoughts on this, e-mail me and let me know.  Also, if you would actually like to have your name and e-mail attached to the information so that others can get in touch with you, please let me know that as well.  At this date we have 28 participants who are a part of Hawkins DNA group #1.

I'll put kit #25399 in his own subgroup first as his Hawkins family never left the British Isles and he still lives in London, England.  More proof that our Hawkins connection is in the British Isles.

The next subgroup believe that they descend from Benjamin and Sarah Willis Hawkins who were born in Richmond County, Virginia and moved to the Culpeper/Orange area of Virginia where they raised their children in the mid 1700s.  These participants believe that they descend from one of the four sons of Benjamin and Sarah Willis Hawkins. Kit #9933 and kit #34714 descend from son James who married Jane Bourne.  Kit #77663 and #178253 have ties to son William who married Elizabeth Bourne. And kit #576481 descends from Benjamin and Ann/Nancy Bourne through their son, Abraham.   Most of this group moved to Kentucky at the end of the Revolutionary War.

6 of the participants do not carry the surname Hawkins.  I became interested in two of these surnames about the same time so they make up one subgroup that I think of as Glass/Cullen because the families lived in the same general area of NJ.  There is a birth incident for these ancestors as there is no doubt that these men have Hawkins ancestry despite their surnames.   Kits #141001, 229108, 221494, carry the Glass surname.  Kit #212366 carries the Cullen surname.  I wrote an article about these connections back in the day in which Phil Hawkins was publishing a Hawkins newsletter.  The article can be read at:

This next subgroup that I am going to call FG#1Buncombe. These participants seem to connect to Benjamin Hawkins with wife Hannah who lived in Buncombe County, NC c1750 on land that is now a part of the Biltmore Estate.  This includes Dot's son, Inez's participant and Janice's James who was in Buncombe County before moving to Bradley County, TN.   I have explained this subgroup in my post written May 18.  This subgroup contains kits#76532 (Diane Robinson's participant), #68105 (Dot's son),      There is some thought that this line may descend from William, the brother of the Benjamin above who married Sarah Willis.  Both men were the orphans of John and Elizabeth (Butler?) Hawkins who died in an epidemic in Richmond County Virginia c.1715/16.

The next subgroup I am putting close to the Buncombe group as I think that there is a chance that they could connect.  This is Julie Norton's three kits:  #11301, #395294, and #95267.  It is also Don Hill's kit #324116.

The next subgroup I have taken to calling the Short Mountain group.  It is a Hawkins group that is found in the area of TN in the 1800s that is made up of the counties of Warren, Dekalb and Cannon all of which share Short Mountain.  The kits that make up this group are #130445 which is Elaine's participant and  #516763 (Bret)

 You can read about this group at:

Next group I will call McMinn County, TN.  I am not clear if these participants are a match to either the Short Mountain group or the Buncombe County group, so I'll just keep them their own subgroup until we have all done more research.  This is Nancy Pack's kit #59402 and Truman Glen Hawkins who does not seem to have joined our group.  However, I don't want to loose him.  He connects to Raleigh Hawkins who was a brother to Nancy Pack's John Hawkins.

The eleven participants that I have not yet put into subgroups are:

#8356 who is my dad.  My research does not take me back far enough yet to join a subgroup
#130445 whose geography would fit with my dad and also with the Buncombe County group
#86330 for whom I seem to have very little information
#18007 Kentucky and Illinois
#59402 (Nancy Pack),
 #435026 Cherokee Mike
#314251 Julius Caesar Hawkins III
#18007 Phil French/Olyve
#46458 (Janice Blackhurst's Participant)
#46919 descends from Joseph Hawkins (1810-1867) who is associated with McMinnville TN. #59402 is associated with a Benj Hawkins b. 1750 in NC and died in 1826 in TN.  This Benjamin Hawkins married Molly Taylor.
(Cheyenne has told me that she recognizes Joseph and Benjamin Hawkins and that Joseph was the son of Benjamin who married Molly Taylor...but then clarified that this is just by actual proof of the relationship)

Can anyone help me fill in some of these blanks?

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